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Last Domestic & International Calling Cards You will ever need to purchase!

Last Domestic & International Calling Cards

You will ever need to purchase!


Easiest Way
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Calling Card

New Innovation & technology - dvcCall Mobile Dialer is the answer to the calling card innovation. Just download the application to your mobile phone, install and start making calls from your mobile phonebook.

What makes us special:

dvcCall Dialer Applications
Call Anywhere
Use Any Phone
Speed Dial
Pinless Dialing
Free Activation
No Extra Fees
No Penalties
Guaranteed Rates
We are High Quality
We are Cheap, easy, & user-friendly
Customer Service & many more ...
Download dvcCall Mobile Dialer
Works with any Phone Including; Home, Work, Mobile or pay phones! Skip entering PIN number when dialing from the registered phone numbers. Skip dialing the access number if using dvcCall Mobile applications for cheap international calls with your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian/Nokia, windows and Java phones.

Ditch the calling cards, access numbers and switch to dvcCall dialer

dvcCall Mobile Dailer - Enable easiest way of using a calling card by dialling the number from your mobile phonebook without dialing the access number or going through the long stages of a calling card. dvcCall gives the same calling experience as a regular call made from the mobile phone.

No hassle of remembering the Access Number, long PIN or the destination number.

dvcCall Mobile dialer works in any mobile phone, Apple, Android, Symbian/Nokia, Blackberry, Window and Java (the old cell phones).

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